The Warehouse health facility was born over 30 years ago.

The original grain store was leased by an avid weight trainer and turned into a body builder’s paradise. It was housed with a vast array of home made cast iron free weights and fixed weight machines.

In the early 80’s the fitness trend was born and two fitness studios were created for the lycra clad, leg warmer brigade. Classes were packed with 40 or more every hour and with little other competition in the city the Club flourished for many years to come.

With success came changes and during this time the club was bought over by some of the members. Warehouse Sports & Leisure was born. The pool was built, steam rooms and sauna’s were housed and the hard hitting weights gym was replaced with bikes and treadmills to cater for the ever growing fitness population.

With this growth came competition and both private and public facilities started to appear within close proximity. The market share was smaller and investment no longer viable for the current owner.

In 2005 the Club changed hands again starting out this time as The Warehouse Health Club. It is now one of the last remaining independent clubs left in the city. It is not supported or governed and relies on the support of it’s members to secure it’s future.

The proof is right there! The Warehouse Health Club really does pride itself in its staff, facilities and service. Throughout the changing trends, reduced market share and economic climate, The Warehouse Health Club has remained. It provides opportunities for the local community through placements and classes. Your fitness really is our business and we will continue to work hard to provide a facility young and old can enjoy

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